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The Ulysses network

The Ulysses network federates European partners involved in the support and promotion of young artists. These partners (academies, summer schools, support programs connected with ensembles or festivals) play a fundamental role in the recognizing, accompanying, professionalizing, and development of the carriers of young European composers and performers, some of them for longer than 20 years already.

The network has chosen the name Ulysses, European figure of an emblematic and symbolic journey, personified in human and artistic adventures. The network is supported by about fifty associated partners (ensembles, festivals, diffusion locations), vector of an extensive and visible diffusion of the projects carried out.

The development of the Ulysses platform has been financed jointly by the SACEM, the Ensemble intercontemporain and IRCAM.


The Ulysses Platform

Following a few months to observe practices and receive feedbacks from the two different ULYSSES Network Platforms’ users, the ULYSSES Platform v3.0 was published in its beta version in July 2017. 

The website you are now navigating on is the result of the merge of some ULYSSES Community Platform data (profile data, works) and functions with the ULYSSES Platform initially used to organize online calls for applications. The idea is to allow artists and organizations involved in the field of new music to find all the information and functions they could need in the same online place.

So for users who were previously members of the ULYSSES Community platform, it is today possible to log in on this website and to find again some of your profile data (biography, interests etc.) and works. 

  • Project history

In light of the fact that young creation in the field of new music is today more active than ever, in 2011 the ULYSSES Network partners began to imagine a new online tool conceived to easily identify and support new artistic propositions at an international level. The ambition was to set a new benchmark in the European cultural sphere, answering the needs and expectations of contemporary music professionals and young artists.

To fill these objectives, the ULYSSES Network partners created a work group in 2012, in order to define necessary online functionality. The ultimate objective was to produce a one-stop interface specifically imagined for young artists and organizations.

In July 2017, following months of observations and work with different actors in the field of new music, the beta version of the ULYSSES platform v3.0 is now online!

  • Objectives and main functions

The first ULYSSES Platform (launched in 2011) allowed organizations in the field of new music to select young artists to participate in pedagogical programs, academies and residencies. The idea of helping organizations, cultural managers and producers to spot the emerging artistic propositions in the field of new music is still current in 2017 with the ULYSSES platform v3.0, but is now combined with the idea of exchanges among organizations and artists. Artists can now make their work known to a large circle of members as well as express their centers of interest and their particular talents. Artists can now be in touch with the diversity of other members thereby enriching their own creativity. 

Concretely, on the ULYSSES platform each member can amongst other things:

- Organize calls for applications, or apply online for calls
- Share artistic content with one or more members
- Share any type of documents, send messages, be in touch with other members
- Enrich their profiles, with biographic details, works, concerts or other types information... 
- Share information about events linked to the field of new music
- Spot new works and be informed about the lastest artistic propositions in the field of new music

  • Next steps... 

The project is still in progress, and months that will come will allow us to see what is usefuld and what is not, what works, and what doesn't. So don't hesitate to send us your feedbacks in order to improve the tool at the following address:

For any assistance or technical problem, please contact us at the address: 

The ULYSSES Platform has been developed at IRCAM in collaboration with the ULYSSES Network's partners. This project has been funded with the support of the European Commission.