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ManiFeste-2019, the Academy

Composers, Sound Engineers, Computer-Music Designers • June 17-29, 2019 • Paris

Oct. 9, 2018 - Nov. 13, 2018
Organized by Ircam

Guest composers and artists:
Stefano Gervasoni, Marko Nikodijevic, Enno Poppe, Kajia Saariaho, Carmine Emanuele Cella, Ensemble intercontemporain, Nikel Ensemble, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France

ORCHESTRA (applicants must be born after January 1, 1987)
 June 22—29, 2019
After selection in December 2018, 6 young composers will be request to write a 3-6-minutes sketch for orchestra (detailed instrumentation on Pdf conductor and parts to be sent at least on March 5, 2019.
• Analysis, Creation, and Teaching of Orchestration (ACTOR) Symposium
• Master Class & Individual work on the score with guest composer Kaija Saariaho + Reading Sessions with Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France
• Introduction to IRCAM orchestration software & individual initiation with guest composer & researcher Carmine Emanuele Cella
Selected composers will have to pay a 200€ fee

CHAMBER MUSIC WITH ELECTRONICS (applicants must be born after January 1, 1987)
June 17—29, 2019
After selection in December 2018, 10 young composers will be request to write a 1-3 minutes long sketch. Pdf conductor and electronics sketch to be sent at least on May 21, 2019. Instruments: Nikel quartet (saxophone, electric guitar, percussion, piano & electronics OR saxophone, percussion & electronics OR electric guitar, piano & electronics). NO REHEARSALS DURING THIS 2-WEEK SESSION.
• Individual work on the score and Master Classes with guest composer Enno Poppe
• Individual work & Master Classes with musicians from the Nikel Ensemble
• Hands-on and Individual work with IRCAM Computer-music designers
After the 2-week session, some of the young composers will be asked to finalize their score & electronics and will come back in June 2020 for rehearsals and concert with Nikel Ensemble
Selected composers will have to pay a 300€ fee

June 17—29, 2019
After selection in December 2018, 5 sound engineers, computer-music designers, composers will be request to work on electronic resources before the June Workshop with help of IRCAM educational team that will decide who will take in charge the following repertoire:
Ariadna Alsina Tarrès: L’air cassé de la carapace accordion & electronics (2016)
Marta Gentilucci: Auf die Lider soprano, percussion & electronics (2017)
Kevin Juillerat: Pas de deux guitar & electronics (2016)
Georgia Spiropoulos: Roll… n’Roll…n’Roll prepared harp & electronics (2015) – excerpts
Nicolas Tzortzis: Incompatible(s) IV bass clarinet & electronics (2010)
• Courses + Work on the patches with by IRCAM computer music designers
• Rehearsals with young musicians from the Pôle Sup’93 and public Concert.
Selected composers will have to pay a 300€ fee


June 24—28, 2019 for composers selected at the end of the ManiFeste-2018 academy
In 2018, IRCAM wanted a large number of young composers to take advantage of the exceptional environment offered by the ManiFeste academy during the month of June. The first year, these young composers took individual and group classes, took part in encounters, discussions, and started to work on compositional sketches with the teaching composer and the musicians from the Ensemble intercontemporain. 12 of these composers were selected to return to the academy in 2019 with their completed piece that will be rehearsed and performed by the Ensemble intercontemporain.
2019 Laureates
Conducted Ensemble: Jaehyuck Choi (South Korea), Francesco Ciurlo (Italy), Simone Corti* (Italy), Jug Marković (Serbia), Benjamin Scheuer (Germany), Francisco Uberto (Argentina).
Chamber Music: Gerardo Gozzi* (Italy), Matteo Gualandi (Italy), Joshua Hey (United States), Kevin Kay (United States), Nicholas Morrish Rarity (United Kingdom), Nicolas Roulive (Belgium).

* With the support of the ULYSSES Network supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.


Applicants must create an account (or use an existing account) on the ULYSSES platform, complete their profile, and click on “apply” on the ManiFeste-2019 call for applications page. They must:

• Fill out all personal information (name, sex, age, nationality, address, valid ID, photo of the applicant’s face that can be used by IRCAM for access badges)
• Write a short biography (600 characters MAXIMUM) that can be used by IRCAM for concert programs
• List their educational experience, professional experience, awards and scholarships
• Present 3 works they composed (read carefully instructions in the form, according to the workshop you want to apply for)
• All recommendation letters or documents deemed useful (pdf)

Besides, Applications to Electroacoustic Performance Workshop are request to:
• Provide the link to download a patch they composed (Max or any other real-time software) using the platform of their choice. Please provide a permanent URL that does not require a password
• Download the questionnaire on their level of computer literacy and return it with their application online in the “Documents” section

The platform will notify you of any incompleteness before the final submission. Applicants may save their application as a draft before the submission deadline. Do not forget to finalize your application on clicking on SUBMIT button.

Do not forget to read carefully consent and release form at the end of the form before submitting your application



A reading panel made up of the teaching teams will examine all applications in December 2018. The reading panel’s decisions are final.
All applicants will receive a personal answer by e.mail no later than December 20,2018

Prerequisite requirements, class descriptions, instrumentation, registration fees, deadlines, and indications concerning necessary material are provided in each workshop or master class description on  
Selected applicants who do not respect these guidelines or who are absent – even for a portion of the academy – will lose their student status and their tuition fees withheld.
Conditions and tuition fees may vary from one workshop to another.

This competition is now open for applications.