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PROTOTYPE VI (2018) : Writing music for dance, choreographing dance to music... Bis repetita

Professional training course

March 15, 2018 - April 21, 2018


proposed by the Choreographic Research and Composition Programme of the Fondation Royaumont

Hervé Robbe, artistic and academic director



Writing music for dance, choreographing dance to music... Bis repetita

The issue may sound old hat, but it remains a controversial, topical one: does one make a dance to a score, or does one write music for a dance piece?

Both art forms of their own, music and dance keep calling out to, or colonize each other. Theirs is a logical, yet passionate association, meant to invent a sequence of events, devise rhythmic patterns, combine textures and material in space, create forms that live in time and shape it.

If music and dance permeate one another, interact with one another, go against each other – or go their own way, then what cultural signifiers and compositional tools can choreographers and composers refer and resort to? What are the artistic projects that set a dialogue between them, and to what end? For specific relations to develop between the dance and the music, a collaborative relationship between the choreographer and the composer has to be invented. Whether they start from a pre-existing score or create a new object together at the same time, what are the overarching writing modalities and compositional processes that confront one another, that cross over? Is it possible to imagine forms and esthetics so unique that they may transcend the cliché, often conditioning, transdisciplinary imperative?

The sixth edition of Prototype is destined to eight choreographers and four composers/sound artists...

who are curious about and eager to question this issue, in order to fuel and enrich their own choreographic or musical vocabulary. Throughout the curriculum, the students will be advised by guest artists. The latter, through talks, lectures, artistic exchanges and workshops, will give them food for thought. Such dynamic tutoring will enable them to conceive and give shape to research projects echoing the topic. At the end of the three program sessions, each choreographer will submit a choreographic prototype in collaboration with a composer, to be presented with dancers and musicians also invited to partake in Prototype. Each proposition will last a maximum of ten minutes. The training will be concluded by the analysis and critique of each prototype between all the participants – teachers, choreographers, dancers, and pedagogical director.

FACULTY (ongoing discussions)

Hervé Robbe - choreographer and artistic director of the Choreographic Research and Composition Programme / Royaumont Foundation

Jérôme Combier - composer

Pierre-Yves Macé - composer (to be confirmed)

Shlomi Tuizer - choreographer

Béatrice Massin - choreographer

Jean-Christophe Paré - educational Director of Paris Conservatoire national de musique et de danse

Roberto Fratini Serafide - dramaturge

Session 1/3 – General assessment
Scheduled from Sunday 9 to Thursday 20 December 2018
Arrival 8/12, Foreign or Regional artists; 9/12, Parisians artists
Departure 20/12, Parisians artists, 21/12 Foreign or Regional artists
Public performance: Fenêtre sur cour[s] on Thursday 20 December 2018 at 6pm with the students and the leaders.

Session 2/3 – Renovation plan
Scheduled from Friday 19 April to Tuesday 7 May 2019
Arrival 18/4, Foreign or Regional artists; 19/4, Parisians artists
Departure 7/5, Parisians artists, 8/5 Foreign or Regional artists
Public performance: Fenêtre sur cour[s] on Sunday 28 April 2019 at 6pm with the students and the leaders

Auditions (date to be confirmed):
• Dancers audition on Friday 3 May 2019
• Musicians audition on Saturday 4 May 2019
• Workshop with eight selected dancers lead by eight student choreographers from Saturday 4 to Monday 6 May 2019
• Workshop with four selected musicians lead by four student composers from Sunday 5 to Monday 6 May 2019

Session 3/3 – Building in progress
Scheduled from Wednesday 13 August to Sunday 1 September 2019 (arrival 12/8, departure 1/9 afternoon)
This session brings together the eight student choreographers, the four student composers, the eight student dancers and the four student musicians to produce the eight prototypes.

Public performance: Fenêtre sur cour[s], on Saturday 31 August 2019 (hours to be announced)

8 choreographers having carried out several choreographic works.

And 4 composers/sound artists having carried out several personal works

Participants expressly agree to attend the entirety of the course, i. e. 46 days of training.

Applications to be sent by 15 April 2018 including:
• the application form on line :
• a resumé, a letter of motivation and a link to a video excerpt of a choreographic work or a music excerpt of a personal work at:

From 28 and 31 May 2018 to Royaumont

June 2018

The financial participation charged to students consists of:
- registration (150 €)
- membership of the Association des Amis de Royaumont (15 €)
- access to the François Lang Music Library (12 €)
- a contribution to the pedagogical costs
Tuition possibilities according to your situation are detailed below (Tuition possibilities).

The Fondation Royaumont covers:
- all subsistence expenses (accommodation in single or twim rooms, meals) for the entire duration of the course (except specific case)
- transfer costs for each session from Viarmes train station to the abbey (round trip).

The participant takes on his own:
- travel expenses for each session (round trip) from his place of residence to Viarmes train station


Intermittent du spectacle (France) :
For this programme a scholarship arrangement with the AFDAS is pending
For intermittents du spectacle (short-term contract workers in the music industry): by AFDAS if you fulfil the following conditions: two years of activity, 48 fee units (jours) in France, justified by Congés Spectacles certificates and payslips;
Procedure :
1. As soon as you are selected by the Fondation Royaumont, you check that you are a AFDAS beneficiary and inform the Fondation
2. The Fondation Royaumont sends you the AFDAS tuition form completed by Royaumont
3. You fill the AFDAS tuition form and gather the files requested by AFDAS
4. You send your tuition form to AFDAS no later than 4 weeks before the first day of training
5. You and the Fondation Royaumont receive the AFDAS answer
If you are eligible for any of the above aids, you will pay only the registration fee, a total amount of 177 €.

Salaried employee:
for salaried employees (full- or part-time): check with your employer its training programme;
If you are eligible for any of the above aids, you will pay only the registration fee, a total amount of 177 €.

for jobseekers: consult the local branch of Pôle Emploi;
If you are eligible for the above aid, you will pay only the registration fee, a total amount of 177 €.

1/ The Association des amis de Royaumont scholarships 2018
- to instrumentalists born after 1st January 1992
- to singers born after 1st January 1989
- to choregrapher or composer born after 1st January 1985
The Association des amis de Royaumont awards scholarships who do not yet have a regular professional activity and whose situation meets the age limits detailed above, on artistic potential and financial situation.
These awards are decided by board meetings of the Association on the basis of written dossiers (CV [résumé] and letter of application).
If you are eligible for the above aid, you will pay only the registration fee, a total amount of 177 €.

2/ For participants who are not in a position to qualify for any financial aid, the Foundation grants scholarship stipends on request.
If you are eligible for such financial assistance a total amount of 977€ remains at your expense.

More information about Prototype:

This competition is now open for applications.