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creating contemporary music
Location : Viitasaari (Finland)
Organized by: Time of Music
Music and Other
Price(s) : 250 €
composition, contemporary music, ircam, music technology, workshop

Electronics lab offers meeting points and different working modules for composers, performers and professionals in music technology, thus giving a possibility to get involved with the latest technology (such as gesture capture) in contemporary music. Experts of IRCAM (Serge Lemouton and Frederick Bevilacqua) and highly experienced performers defunensemble and ICE ensemble participating in the festival programme visit the lab that enables all interested to participate at their own level of technical knowledge. Compositions by Chaya Czernowin, Alexander Schubert, Rolf Wallin and Sampo Haapamäki will be presented by the composers. University of Jyväskylä’s Department of Music, Art and Culture studies showcase music making applications using the latest technology developed by the researchers. The course consists of workshops and lectures for all attendants and individual working possibilities according to own interests. The host for the lab is composer Sami Klemola, artistic director of defunensemble.

Location : Viitasaari (Finland)