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creating contemporary music
Location : Viitasaari (Finland)
Organized by: Time of Music
Music and Other
Price(s) : 250 €
contemporary music, Improvisation

Vocalist and composer Jennifer Walshe and Japanese sound poet and improviser Tomomi Adachi lead the improvisation course at Time of Music Festival. Adachi and Walshe have been performing together since meeting in New York in 2010, focusing on the combination of their voices with electronics, objects and instruments. The masterclass ends in public concerts during the last days of the Festival. Participants are free to bring whatever instruments/objects they wish. The workshop will place an emphasis on physical and spatial aspects of improvisation and vocal improvisation; please note that participants do not need to have any prior training as dancers or singers – an open mind and willingness to experiment is all that is required. We will work indoors and outdoors, and involve a standard approach to improvisation as conducting but also non-standard approaches such as telepathy and occult divination practices.

Location : Viitasaari (Finland)