FAME’S European Orchestral Performing Institute July Orchestral Courses


Submission period

Mon May 13 at 04AM UTC

End of submission period

Thu Jun 13 at 10:59PM UTC

Results date

Mon Jun 17 at 04PM UTC
FAME’S European Orchestral Performing Institute offers you a fully funded scholarship for Masterclasses taught by experts in the field of Orchestral music. Working with great musicians as your mentors, you will have the opportunity to expand your orchestral experience, learn new musical programs, share new ideas with other young musicians from other countries, make new friends, and enjoy the process of learning and making music. You will participate in various orchestral practices, exploring new repertoires and performance styles, with a high professional level of training, practicing, mentoring, and performing.  

Orchestral Course dates:
1st to 7th of July (Recording Orchestral Course) - string + percussion
9th to the 16th of July (Carte Blanche Orchestral Course) - strings only
17th to the 23rd of July (Recording Orchestral Course) - strings, woodwinds, piano, percussion
applicants can specify if they want to apply for a single course or more

The project is co-funded by Creative Europe.

About FAME’S:

FAME'S European Orchestral Performing Institute is a music education center created within the FAME'S company, which deals with professional recording and music production. Organized in Skopje, the center represents a unique platform for professional musical education, exchange of experiences and creativity, intended for young talented instrumentalists from Europe and above all, in the field of orchestral music, as part of the program for Pan-European Cultural Entities (CREA-CULT -2021-PECE).

The program is focused on creating opportunities for young talents and provides education in various orchestral practices, exploring new styles, enriching the repertoire, reaching new audiences etc. This program enables a high professional level of training, practice, mentoring and performances, through the new methodologies and technologies that are available in the studio of FAME'S.

By creating professional and original orchestral and musical content, through various digital platforms, the project also aims to develop new audiences, conveying the experiences and cultural diversity of European musical heritage.

This institute continuously hosts young musicians from different European countries (participating countries in the Creative Europe program), as well as top musical artists who led the activities of this seminar. Among them, we will note the names of conductor Timothy Redmond, Kolsimcha Band, Olivier Truan, Alistair King, Louis Ivars, Francesco Tristano, Rob Mazurek, Benjamin Schwartz, Quartet Quartet, Etienne Ablen, Gabriel Prokofiev, Igor Coretti, Olivier Dejours, Emilie Davies, Irina Muresanu, Jan Bang, Tango 5/4, Luca Faulisi and others.

Details are available at web pages: