MANIFESTE-2021 Ensemble Composition Workshop

Raphaël Cendo & Ensemble intercontemporain


Submission period

Tue Sep 29 at 10 AM UTC

End of submission period

Tue Nov 10 at 3 PM UTC

Results date

Tue Dec 22 at 3 PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee



Applicants must be born after January 1, 1989. Composers cannot sign up for the composition workshops more than two years in a row

June 14-19, 2021, Paris, France

IRCAM's ManiFeste, the rendezvous for creation in Paris, welcome every year more than 120 young composers and performers from the world over to take part in the academy, benefitting from a major artistic and technological setting as well as the presence of a large public audience for final performances. In addition, students and auditors can take part in a range of associated events.
During the academy ManiFeste-2021, guest composer Raphaël Cendo, conductor Vimbayi Kaziboni and musicians from the Ensemble intercontemporain offer 6 young composers (under 32) a workshop dedicated to ensemble music composition.



Applicants must be born after January 1, 1989.
Composers cannot sign up for the composition workshops more than two years in a row. They can, however, follow the academy’s activities as an auditor as long as they would like.

Applicants must create an account (or use an existing account) on the ULYSSES platform, complete their profile, and click on “apply” on the “MANIFESTE-2021 Ensemble Composition Workshop – Raphaël Cendo & Ensemble intercontemporain ” call for applications page. They must:
• Fill out all personal information (name, sex, age, nationality, address, mobile phone number, valid ID, photo of the applicant’s face that can be used by IRCAM for access badges);
• Write a short biography (800 characters MAXIMUM) that can be used by IRCAM for concert programs;
• List their educational experience, professional experience, awards and scholarships;
• indicate if they would like to write for ensemble or a concertante work (and in that case, indicate for which instrument)
• Expose why they want to be part of the workshop and what kind of work they would like to compose for (ENSEMBLE OR CONCERTO) (pdf);
• Present 2 (or 3) recent works they composed (mp3 audio and score in pdf);
The platform will notify you of any incompleteness before the final submission. Applicants may save their application as a draft before the submission deadline.
Do not forget to finalize your application on clicking on SUBMIT button.
Do not forget to read carefully consent and release form at the end of the form before submitting your application.




The jury will be made up of the composer Raphaël Cendo, conductor Vimbayi Kaziboni, 2 instrumentalists from the Ensemble intercontemporain, the director of IRCAM, Frank Madlener.


Registration fees: 200 €
The academy does not offer any scholarships or housing. Participants must find their own housing.
Selected composers must (under penalty of loss of student status):
• Commit to writing an original score with the following characteristics:
- for 8 to 11 musicians from: flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, trumpet, percussion, piano, harp, 2 violins, viola;
- duration circa 7 to 10 minutes – Please, note longer pieces may have to be excluded from this program;
• Pay all registration fees in full before Tuesday, January, the 19th, 2021;
• Send the pdf scores by email before Thursday, April, the 6th, 2021.
Composers who do not send their scores before the deadline or do not respect the guidelines, or those who will be absent—even partially—during the workshop will be excluded from the workshop (the selected composers are expected to attend all sessions). In this case, registration fees will not be reimbursed.

Registration fees will be reimbursed if the academy is cancelled due to measures taken due to Covid-19. However, issues concerning transportation difficulties, health recommendations, being placed in quarantine, and all conditions concerning lockdowns are the responsibility of the composer. The composer must organize their own transportation, respecting all health and safety measures relative to Covid-19 in both their country of origin and in France.



For any request regarding the workshop or the application, please contact academy (at)
For technical assistance, please have a look to the help page or contact technical.assistance (at)



picture: Guillaume Chauvin