Solidarity Composition Courses

Free online courses and masterclasses


Submission period

Fri Nov 20, 2020 at 5 AM UTC

End of submission period

Tue Dec 15, 2020 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Tue Dec 22, 2020 at 5 PM UTC

The times we are living in have a painful impact on culture as well as education. Transmission has always been the strength of contemporary music: exchange, sharing, humanism. Today, we must together resist in front of the implacable loneliness imposed on us by the pandemic and act in solidarity for the sustainability of our practice, to continue to live and to reflect. This collective action arose out of the urgency of this situation.

All over the world, there are many young composers who feel isolated. Despite everything, we decided to get together, to maintain this link, even from a distance: We now have the technical means to achieve this, to ensure meetings and exchanges with students and teachers from all over the world.

The composers (Lara Morciano, Philippe Manoury, Mauro Lanza, Dmitri Kourliandski, Colin Roche and Raphaël Cendo) as well as the violinist Antoine Maisonhaute, and the electronic musician Max Bruckert, will offer free courses for all those who find themselves in an artistic and / or financial precariousness and / or a precarious location.

An artistic precariousness: those who do not have access to any composition course and who feel more and more isolated from the act of transmission and creation.

Financial insecurity: those who have not received any scholarship or significant financial support this year.

Precarious location: those who, due to their geographical location, do not have the means to travel.

If you meet any of these criteria these courses are for you. We want to clarify that no particular musical level is required. Our approach is for everyone.

The first edition of the courses is organized online January 18th-22nd 2021.

Details are available at web pages.