2022 Petrichor International Music Competition

Sun Apr 10 to Fri May 20
New York (United States)
$45 for the first entry and reduced price for additional entries.
The second annual Petrichor International Music Competition is now open for submissions. This annual musical performance and composition contest provides support, inspiration, and exposure to instrumentalists and singers from around the world.

36 winners | 36 finalists
$60,000 value in prizes


1. Solo performers under the age of 16 (born in or after 2006)​

2. Solo performers under the age of 21 (born in or between 2001-2005)​

3. Solo performers over the age of 21 (born in or before 2000)

4. Small ensembles (fewer than 9 performers)

5. Large ensembles/orchestras/choirs (more than 9 performers)​

6. Composers under the age of 21 (born in or after 2001)

7. Composers over the age of 21 (born in or before 2000)

8. Solely electronic or multidisciplinary works

9. Film music

10. Arrangements of pre-existing works

11. Improvisation (any genre and instrumentation)

12. Best album (performance or composition)
best album
classical music
electronic music
film music
Large ensemble
music competition
record label
small ensemble
solo performer