Jul 11, 2020

Introducing Festival Mixtur

Festival Mixtur is a new partner at ULYSSES Network, in the third edition of ULYSSES Project starting in October 2020.


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Festival Mixtur is known around Europe as a project with its own personality. On one hand, there is the interweaving of pedagogical activities with its programme and on the other it integrates a diversity of aesthetic proposals that their distinguishing main features are innovation and daring.

Festival Mixtur 2020 had to adapt to the global health crisis, its ninth edition had to be postponed until September and some of its activities had to be reorganized. Even then, Mixtur is continuously committed to support the work of artists that keep exploring and evolving in the fields of music and sound art.

Mixtur pedagogical workshops provide students with the opportunity to work with international references in the fields of Composition, Improvisation and Performance. In addition, general public can attend the master classes that are part of these workshops. Pedagogical activities include workshops for the youngest since primary schools engage in the open rehearsals that have been created specifically for children.

Mixtur comitment with new creation materialises through commissions that are premiered during the festival from composers from all generations. Besides these commissions Festival Mixtur also premieres a great amount of works created by the Composition Workshop students, works that either the invited ensembles or the Workshop for Players students perform.

Year after year the festival programme offers a journey full of contrast in which we get the chance to know the work of artist that share a common denominator: the spirit of research. They are daring proposals that are born in a specific social, political, economic, technological and cultural context in which we find ourselves, works that are outside the mainstream and claim the art as a space of freedom and knowledge.

In Mixtur, then, you will find long career artist that have been a key to the developement of new aesthetics over the last decades, alongside emerging artist and ensembles that enable us to know the latest trends of sound creation.

Welcome to Festival Mixtur, the new sound creation festival in Barcelona!

Oliver Rappoport and Oriol Saladrigues
Artistic directors


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