Peruvian pianist and composer. Graduatied from University School of Music (Frost School of Music), worked in the PR Department of Sony Discos Miami Beach and moved to Paris 13 years ago to persue my dream. In Lima-Peru, I studied piano with the Russian teacher Marina Pavlovna de Ferreira of the National Conservatory of Lima. I studied composition with the Peruvian composer Edgar Valcarcel. In Miami, I studied with the Cuban-American pianist Teresa Escandon (pupil of Isabelle Vengerova and Jorget Bolet.) I speak four languages fluently: Spanish, English, French and Italian. Living in Paris is a wondeful adventure. It's my favourite city in the whole world!

In 2013 I founded the Club des Daydreamers (The Daydreamers Club.) Please follow the Facebook link if you'd like to join. There is also a Daydreamers' Hymn that i wrote for the club. I believe Daydreaming is very important in everyday life. Let's keep on Daydreaming!