Known for his compelling, expressive and socially aware music, Puerto Rican composer Julio Elvin Quiñones writes works that are imbued with visceral gestures, intuition and represent every aspect of his identity.

Being inspired by inspiration itself, by the passion it lends people and by the creative spark that turns accidents and pure abstract ideas into incredible feats of pure, honest expression which take many beautiful, visceral forms. Poetry moves me to consider the way in which language can be bent, stretched, expanded, and twisted to depict the most abstract ideas into succinct thoughts and expressions. Fictional literature makes him consider how worlds are built convincingly and how narrative structures are set in motion. Other music, but particularly the music from his native Puerto Rico, serve as a constant reference point when the needs to be authentic and honest in the expressions of his deepest thoughts are felt. It is the sum of all these parts that shape the vision for the music he feels the need to write. In short, write that which reflects who he is and all the complexities and nuances that his identity brings.

His music has been performed by many ensembles like the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico’s Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band, the Young Artists’ Concert Orchestra of Puerto Rico, the Omnibus Ensemble, the JACK Quartet, loadbang, Ensemble Dal Niente and Talea Ensemble; additionally he’s also been performed by known soloists: Katsyarina Shaposhka, James Alexander, Hakeem Davison, Katherine Needleman and Joseph Staten.

Julio is currently completing his master’s degree in Music Composition at the Peabody Conservatory with composer and pianist: Michael Hersch, where he received the 2021-2022 Randolph S. and Amalie Rothschild Scholarship. He holds a B.M. in Music Composition from the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, where he studied composition and orchestration with Alfonso Fuentes. In the Fall of 2022, he will begin his D.M.A. in Music Composition at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center, having been awarded the Graduate Center Fellowship and the Provost’s Enhancement Fellowship.

He is also the co-creator and past editor of the Puerto Rican classical music podcast: Conversaciones Simbióticas Podcast and creator, narrator, editor and producer of the audiobook-podcast: Textos Audibles Podcast.