Roberto Conz (Mogadishu, 1955) after studying classical guitar with Paolo Paolini, and Renaissance and Baroque lute with Paul Beyer, Jakob Lindberg and Paul O’Dette, approaches composition first with Renato Dionisi, then with Nicola Straffelini and attending the masterclasses by Sandro Gorli and Gianvincenzo Cresta. To the interest of music, over the years he has also joined a long path of visual research with exhibitions in Italy (Naples, Venice Biennale, Mart) and abroad (Bratislava, Miami). Among his publications are the photographic volumes CNZRRT55DO9Z345Y (2000), TRA (2002), Mirame (2004), In tua assenza (2006) and, more recently, the essay Vortex Temporum (2019). For the record label A Simple Lunch he has published In tua assenza (8 stochastic variations for piano on Bach’s Goldberg Variations) and Lessico di Hiroshima (for piano, strings, electronics and reciting voice, on a text by Paolo Miorandi). In 2021 the CD for piano by Silvia Turchetti L’evoluzione delle assenze is released by the EMA Vinci label.