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Location : Trossingen (Germany)
Organized by: Ulysses Network

The annual Summeracademy Opus XXI for contemporary music will take place from August 02nd until August 11th 2017 in Trossingen (DE), with the local Musikhochschule as cooperating partner.

Once again a selection of young performers, vocalists, conductors and composers will have the chance to work and rehearse together intensively to prepare a selection of musical compositions. Two of these compositions have been commissioned exclusively for Opus XXI: A composition from Zesses Seglias (GR), whose opera “To the lighthouse” will be premiered at the Bregenzer Festspiele 2017. Another piece has been commissioned from Bertrand Plé by both Opus XXI and the Ensemble Divertimento (IT) in the framework of the ULYSSES Network Commissions. Plé’s composition for small ensemble with the title “So oder so und so weiter” will be premiered at the final Opus XXI-concert in Bregenz this year and will be performed next year in a concert attached to Ensemble Divertimento.

Another artist who contributed a composition for small ensemble – “transcience” – is Mioko Yokoyama (JP), who is taking part in this year’s Opus XXI as another ULYSSES-Journey Composer.

Martin Grütter’s piece “Siebenkreiswerk” will be rehearsed and performed by the participants of Opus XXI 2017, while waiting for a new work, that Grütter will be delivering for Opus XXI in 2019.

Composer in residence will be the composer Miroslav Srnka (CZ), whose compositions have stirred the musical scene lately and whose “….Les Adieux ” will be rehearsed and performed by the students. As Ensemble in Residence the French ensemble L’Instant donné will work with the students, and the member of the ensemble will share their experience with the participants of Opus XXI. Aurelien Azan Zielinski will take part in the Summeracademy as conductor and rehearse the pieces with the students. Also the singer Donatienne Michel-Dansac will rehears with the students and will perform the piece “La nuit en tête” by Georges Aphergis together with L’instant donné at the final concert in Bregenz.


The line-up of young performers for this year’s academy again is also more than promising. Two of the commissioned pieces include a saxophone, which will be played by Asya Fateyeva (RU), who will be a participant in this year’s academy and was awarded with an ECHO Klassik 2016 as “Nachwuchskünstlerin des Jahres” (upcoming musician of the year). Other participants are Simon Edelmann (conductor), Louise Leterme (voice), Stefanie Flaig (voice), Kateryna Vasilijeva (flute), Natalia Urbanelli (oboe/english horn), Cristian Cardenas (oboe/english horn), Ji Feng (clarinet), Grace Andrianjatovo (bassoon), Cecile Bugner (horn), Chen-Lun Huang (trumpet), Cornelius Hussing (trombone), Lucie Delmas (percussion), Justine Eckhaut (piano), Sophie Steiner (harp), Katie Meibaum (violin), Anne Lise Binard (viola), Johanna Hetzler (viola), Charlotte Lorenz (cello), Pierre Dekker (double bass). Besides working on several musical compositions the students will also have the chance to take part in improvisational and performance-courses, that are led by an international team of instructors. There will be one public final rehearsal in Trossingen on August 10th preceeding the final concert of Opus XXI 2017, which will take place in the context of the “Bregenzer Festspiele” on August 11th.


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Location : Trossingen (Germany)