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The journey has begun for the ULYSSES Ensemble!


The ULYSSES Ensemble is a brand new touring chamber ensemble created by the ULYSSES Network. It is made up of young musicians, between 18 and 30 years old, from all over Europe. The ensemble will get the opportunity to work with highly renowned composers and conductors, workshop new repertoire, perform with professional contemporary musicians and attend three of Europe's leading contemporary music festivals and workshops, ManiFeste, Snape Maltings and Voix Nouvelles.

A first stop in Paris...

Their tour began during the last weeks in Paris, where they participated in the interpretation masterclass organized by IRCAM during the ManiFeste Academy, under the baton of Heinz Holliger in a week of masterclasses focusing on key repertoire and a Yan Maresz piece with electronics. The soprano Sarah Maria Sun and soloists from the Ensemble intercontemporain joined them to perform the final concert on Saturday 1 July.


Heinz Holliger and Perrine Galaup at the mandoline © Eric de Gélis

Daniele Fasani at the harmonium, Magdalena Cerezo Falces at the piano during a rehearsal session with Heinz Holliger - © Eric de Gélis

Alfonso Noriega at the viola, performing during a rehearsal - © Eric de Gélis

Heinz Holliger and the soprano Sarah Maria Sun - © Eric de Gélis

Heinz Holliger, Aleksandra Dzenisenia at the cymbalum and Baptiste Ramond at the guitar, during the final concert - © Eric de Gélis

The Ensemble during the final concert in Paris at the Centre Pompidou

© Eric de Gélis

Second stop in Aldeburgh

The ULYSSES Ensemble carries on with it tour and participates since the 4th of July in the Composition and performance workshop lead by Oliver Knussen and Colin Matthews in Snape Maltings, the home of Aldeburgh Music.

This course invites 16 performers to work with 6 young composers and develop new music as well as prepare key repertoire pieces from the last 100 years.

The results of these work sessions will be showcased in a final performance on Friday 14th July in Aldeburgh, and it will be repeated in a high profile concert at the 2018 Aldeburgh Festival.


Work session at Snape Maltings © Matt Jolly

Oliver Knussen and Nazarii Stets at the double bass © Matt Jolly

Daniele Fasani working on a score © Matt Jolly

The ensemble's brass © Matt Jolly

The ensemble working with Oliver Knussen © Matt Jolly


Next stop at the Royaumont Foundation

The ensemble will then come back to France to participate to a residency organized at the Royaumont Foundation.

The performers will work on a range of contemporary repertoire, from Ligeti's well known Chamber Concerto, to Raphaël Cendo 'Corps', piano concerto with soiloist Wilhem Latchoumia, and on a new commission from young composer Eiko Tsukamato. Conductor Jean-Philippe Wurtz will conduc the ensemble through a week of rhearsals.