funktionslust : L

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cello, clarinet, contrabass, flute, piano, viola, violin
With electronics
Work premiered
September 2020
Venue of the premiere
Hudobná a tanečná fakulta VŠMU, Bratislava (Slovakia)
12 minutes

Karl Bühler explains that the desire for function is a specific relation between pleasure in function. ... the pleasure of function - is a kind of self-effacing pleasure -> the intention to do something without pursuing a specific purpose

The piece is the fourth in the sequence, which elaborates this theme from the source material of the first piece .funktionslust - for kantele and electronics (left channel).

The piece is a prolongation of the harmonic process, in a complex aleatoric structure, using the noise qualities of the instrumental techniques.The cast is divided into two groups: piano and others. The piano takes over the dominant function.

Chamber Ensemble (5-9 instruments)
extended playing techniques
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