First International UPISketch Competition


Submission period

Tue Jul 5 at 04AM UTC

End of submission period

Sun Jul 31 at 10:59PM UTC

Results date

Thu Sep 15 at 04PM UTC
Some fifty years ago, Iannis Xenakis and his team at the CEMAMu (Centre d’Études de Mathématique et Automatique Musicales) invented the UPIC, a computer tool for composing music with the help of drawing. Anyone, with or without a musical background, could compose using this very large digitizing table and its associated system.

The CIX decided to pursue this initial goal of opening up creativity to all audiences and has developed a new application/software called UPISketch.

Xenakis’s centenary is the perfect occasion for us to launch this first UPISketch International Competition, with a total amount of 5000 € in prizes.


The competition is open to all nationalities and all ages.

The amateur category is reserved for non-professional musicians.


A : Amateur – UPISketch solo
B : Professional – UPISketch solo
C : Professional – UPISketch and mixed techniques

A & B (“UPISketch Solo”): All of the material should be generated by UPISketch, be from one or several projects using the app. However, the final product can be edited in a digital audio workstation (DAW) and processed through reverberation and/or filtering end and/or dynamics.

C: “UPISketch & Mixed Techniques”: The large majority of the sound material (in terms of content and duration) of the submitted work must be generated by UPISketch. It can be processed by any means. The final product could use other sources as well, but one must be able to retrace the UPISketch material by comparing the provided UPISketch-exported sounds with the piece itself.

Nota Bene: a VST-host version of UPISketch is in the making. With this version, any plugin will be usable for the current competition, as long as it is installed in UPISketch itself.

B & C: It is mandatory to provide the screen shots and exported sounds from the original UPISketch projects that were used, along with the piece. Also, spatialization can be added to expand stereo setups. In such cases, please send us a multi-track audio file.

Only one work per applicant may be submitted.

Collective works by more than one composer will be considered one submission. If a collective work is submitted, none of the composers participating at the collective is allowed to submit an individual work.


Opening of submissions: March 8, 2022
Deadline: July 31, 2022
Publication of Results: September 15, 2022

A distinguished international jury will anonymously review all submissions. The jury’s decisions will be final. Names of the jury members will be posted at the same time as the results on our website and related social media.

No member of the jury may participate in the Competition. In addition to the three prizes in each category the jury has the right to award Honorary Mentions for works they consider of high artistic value.

Concerts including awarded works will take place between September 28 and the end of 2022, in France, Greece, and Japan (and perhaps elsewhere).


The duration of submitted work should be more than 3 minutes, and preferably less than 20 minutes.

Details are available at web pages: