Composer and violist, Andrea Mattevi, graduated in violin, viola and composition at the Conservatory of Trento.
He carries out an articulated artistic performance activity as soloist, in chamber formations (founder of the MotoContrario ensemble) and in the orchestral context collaborating with important orchestral groups and foundations such as the Orchestra Nazionale della RAI (Turin), the Orchestra Haydn (Trento and Bozen), the Petruzzelli Theater (Bari) and others. Various music festivals in Italy and Europe have been performed his music as Sound of Wander (Milan), Festival del Dèdalo ensemble (Brescia), Encuentro Sonoros (Sevilla), Festival Appassionato ensemble (Como), Festival Il Suono (Città di Castello), Società Filarmonica of Rovereto, Società Filarmonica of Trento, Festival di musica sacra of Trento, Mondi Sonori (Trento), VIPA Festival (Valencia) and others.
He has been winner, awarded or recognized in several international competition such as the Concours de composition Ensemble Écoute (Paris), Royal Krakow Sinfonietta Competition, Styrian Tone Art Competition (Graz), Competition “Città di Udine”, Donatoni International Competition (Milan), “Impronta” Competition (Mannheim-Budapest), Competition “Appassionato ensemble” (Como), AN Artistry (Athens) and selected and performed in several call for scores as MDI ensemble (Milan), “Sulle ali del ‘900” (Brescia).
He has received commissions from the Haydn Orchestra Foundation (Trento and Bolzano), the Filarmonica di Rovereto, the JFutura orchestra. His original works have been published by UT Orpheus, TEM and Sconfinarte and performed, among others, by Marco Angius, Maria Grazia Bellocchio, Ben Omar, the Mivos quartet, MDI ensemble, the AlterEgo ensemble, L’arsenale ensemble, ADMSoundscape ensemble, Dèdalo ensemble, Appassionato ensemble, Impronta ensemble, Windkraft quintet.
He attended courses with Azio Corghi and Mauro Bonifacio with the merit diploma at the Accademia Chigiana (Siena) and the three-years merit diploma at the “Romanini” Foundation (Brescia); he also attended courses with Salvatore Sciarrino, Lei Liang, Alessandro Solbiati, Stefano Gervasoni and others.
He attended courses in viola with Simonide Braconi, Luca Ranieri, Davide Zaltron, Carlo Costalbano, Pavel Berman, Ilya Grubert, Massimo Quarta, Enzo Porta, Dimitrios Polisoidis, Gisella Bergman, Aldo Campagnari, Francesco Dillon in IMPULS, CODARTS (Rotterdam).
He has played in various festivals as a soloist and in chamber performances at CIM (Udine), Espacios Sonoros (Sevilla), Festival Cluster (Lucca), Festival IlSuono (Città di Castello), In_Contemporanea (Piacenza), Festival Contrasti (Trento) and others and in orchestral formations such as the Symphonic Seasons of the Orchestra Nazionale della RAI (Turin) of the “Petruzzelli” Theater (Bari), Olympic Theater (Rome) and Teatro Comunale di Treviso, Biennale Musica di Venezia, Due Mondi Festival (Spoleto), Audi-Mozart and others.