Filippos Sakagian is a Paris-based Greco-Armenian composer and transmedia artist whose work delve into the concept of intensity through sound, light, and the body, offering a glimpse into archaic Greek and Zoroastrian trance-like states. With his unique blend of organic textures, microtonal lines, extreme rhythmic elements, as well as precise use of space and light design, Sakagian draws listeners into a state of transcendent awe, evoking a wide range of emotions and pushing the boundaries of sensory experience. Sakagian's output encompasses both live electronic performances and a significant body of instrumental and mixed works for ensembles that explore the connections between primitive and contemporary soundscapes.

He holds a master in composition and new technologies from the Paris Conservatory (Cnsmdp), and was part of the Cursus Ircam 21-22. He is a member of the Greek Association of Electroacoustic Composers (HELMCA) and has performed at renowned international festivals, including ATEMPORANEA (AR, 2020), IRCAM (FR, 2022), FTMA (FR, 2022), le Musée de l'Orangerie (FR, 2019), MEGARON Athens Concert Hall (GR, 2021), le GREEK NATIONAL OPERA (GR, 2021), TIEMF (IR, 2022), Suono Giallo (IT, 2017), ME_MMIX (ES, 2018), MUSICACOUSTICA-HANGZHOU (CN, 2023), MUSLAB (MX, 2017), RE-ND-ER-ED (SC, 2021), MIXTUR (SP, 2020) et INTONAL (SE, 2021).

He has received support from various organizations, including the Meyer Foundation, the Legs Jabès scholarship, the SACEM, and the Tarrazi Fund. He has also won several composition prizes, including the SACEM composition prize (2017), the Mixage-Fou electronic composition prize (2018), and the Hertzbreakerz electroacoustic composition prize (2020).