no.e is a new media artist, composer, electronic musician/Dj, and educator with a PhD in Digital Music, an MFA in Digital Art/New Media, and a B.S. in Textiles & Apparel Design.
She explores intersections between sound & science, data, technology, music, and visual art by creating multimodal experiences of compost and other recycled materials that address pollution and environmental sustainability from a local viewpoint, in order to encourage/empower the public toward making a positive difference on our quickly changing climate.
no.e teaches media arts, digital beat making, intro electronics, and the science of sound at Oakland's Junior Center of Art & Science, Studio One Art Center, and with Thingamakids!.
Exhibitions include: China's Qianyang Bamboo Museum, Brasil's National Museum, Denmark's Museum of Modern Art, Barbara & Art Culver Center for the Arts (US), and Yogyakarta's International Media Art Festival (IND). Articles appear in Leonardo Journal (51-5), Acoustic Space Journal (16). Conference proceedings include IRCAM's Music & Hacking (2017), the International Meeting of Art & Technology (2016), and the International Community of Audio Display (2015).