The saxophonist, educator and researcher explore contemporary music performance from 20th to 21st century in collaboration with composers and interaction on performance ensemble. Regarding the artwork, he has a critical view of the phenomenon of musical performance and its construction and development, in which seeks a reflection on the reality of current musical performance. The composition of his works involves the investigation between popular and classical music, where he explores improvisation, modern jazz, contemporary music and their relationships.
He has been using a variety of materials and processes in each genre to make his practice and performance consistent. However, there may not always be material similarities between the different genres they are linked by recurring musical performance concerns. As a musician and artist, he is pleased to be invited to premiere pieces in collaboration with Brazilian and international composers. The XXIX Panaroma de Música Brasileira Atual (Rio de Janeiro), Série de Concertos do studio PANaroma com PUTS and Festival Música Estranha (São Paulo) are festivals and concerts of contemporary music that he participated as a performer in Brazil. He has founder of In ensemble and has been contributing with Ateliê Contemporâneo, Continuum Sonoro ensemble (São Paulo, Brazil), UFRJ sax ensemble (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) for interpretations solo and in ensemble (also with electronic) for 20th- and 21st-century repertoire music concerts. The musicians Alexandre Lunsqui, Gabriel Xavier, Guilherme Ribeiro, Gustavo Bonin and Laura Bowler are the main composers and contributors of his majors.