Sascha Brosamer (*1984) lives and works in Freiburg/Germany

is an interdisciplinary artist and an electronic music composer. He performs with gramophones, turntables, handmade records and mobile devices, exploring the archaeology of sound and its projection into the future.

He studied Music and Media Art at HKB in Bern/Switzerland and graduated  as Meisterschüler in 2014 with honors in Painting from the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe. His work has been shown in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Linz, New York, Tokyo and Istanbul. Most recently he lived and worked as a scholarship holder at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, where he realized exhibition and performance projects. Currently he is concerned with early technology of sound reproduction, in particular the gramophone and shellac records, an ancestor of today's club culture. 

He released his album "Glocken" (2019) on Invisible City Records, a collaboration with Graham Dunning, where they get together to dig deep into the beauty of textural studies, analogue medium and surface details. As well the Transoceanic EP (2020) on BB15/Linz, which deals with the cultural imagination of dematerialisation, historical sound carriers and digital colonialism.

Brosamer works close together with the Phono Museum, 140 years of recorded sound history at 53, boulevard de Rochechouart in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and the Schmauder Collection, Freiburg/Germany, one of the leading archives for historical sound carriers.