Pablo Andrés, born in Alcalalí, pursue a degree in music, specialised in composition. His interest in this field sprang up from the use of new technologies and the curiosity about instrumentation and contemporary orquestrations. Therefore, it is vital to depict his formation and the premiers in the academic and professional areas.

His studies at Conservatori Superior de Música Joaquín Rodrigo of València (CSMV) have been executed with Marc Garcia Vitoria and Voro García as the main professors. To complete his formation, he spent an academic year at the Haute école de musique Genève - Neuchâtel (HEM) in Genève’s city. There, he had the opportunity to study with some professors, such as M. Jarrell, L. Naón, and G. Nouno, among others.

Talking about his works, Llimbs was double-premiered in the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències and in the Centre Cultural La Beneficiència, both in València. Furthermore, he also performed in the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències the piece Leggo my EGO. Recently, he has remarkably participated in the Archipel festival in 2023 with Le cauchemar sonore. This is a piece for acousmonium with more than 80 difusion speakers. Moreover, he achieved the interpretation of Just Breathe in the HEM’s Blackbox, a piece for piano and audiovisual performed by Juliette Dournaud. La nef des fous was premiered in Studio 49 in Genève, and it has been considered by this author as one of his most representative pieces up to now.

It is also worth highlighting the lessons and moments he has shared with composers and performers, such as Hèctor Parra, Reiko Yamada, Agustí Charles, Ariadna Alsina, Olga Morral, Ana Parejo, Uly, Thierry Simonot, Olga Kokcharova, or Federico Foderaro, in different festivals such as Mixtur '23, Archipel '23, and masterclasses in CSMV and HEM.

Pablo Andrés aesthetics are a mixture of life experiences, love for artistic expression, and passion for math. These fields are used as a source of inspiration.