Composer and classical guitarist, Fernando Munizaga was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1986. He studied composition at the Universidad Católica de Chile with Aliocha Solovera and Pablo Aranda. He has participated in several international seminars with teachers such as Marco Stroopa, Philippe Leroux, Gabriele Manca, Yan Maresz and Magnus Lindberg. He has composed music mainly for voice, chamber ensembles and orchestra, which have been performed by the most renowned musicians (Taller de Música Contemporánea UC, Ensemble Contemporáneo, Orquesta de Cámara de Chile, Orquesta Sinfónica de Concepción EnsembleNuevo-2010, Exaudi Vocal Ensemble) in the most prestigious contemporary music festivals in Chile (Festival de Música Contemporánea Chilena PUC, Festival de Música Contemporánea de la Universidad de Chile, Ciclo de Conciertos ANC) and abroad (Ensemble-Nuevo-2010 Sudamerican tour, Manifeste-Academy-2013). His works have been released in five diferents recordings: “COPIU: Nuevas composiciones” volumen 1, 3, 4, 5, and “ProyectoGraphos”. Several of his pieces has been awarded in national and internacional competition such as “Luis Advis” Chilean national competion (2008 and 2012), “Ensemble-Nuevo-2010” (2009) organized by Goethe-Institut, and “Convocatoria para Estreno de Obra de Compositores Chilenos” (2012) organized by the Simphony Orchestra of Concepción. One of his orchestral works, “Espejismos”, was selected to represent Chile in the “World Music Days 2014”. Besides his concerns about composition and music performance, Fernando has always explored relationships with other artistic disciplines such as theater, poetry and visual arts. He has participated in several interdisciplinary projects, and he is currently a member of the collective “Taller Ciclo”, a research group that brings together composers and artists of different background around music and the new technologies. Since 2012, he has been member of the National Association of Composers of Chile. Nowadays, he is pursuing a Master of Arts in Musical Composition at the Universidad de Chile with a scholarship given by the Chilean Government.