Martin Loridan graduated from the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM). His catalogue includes works for Orchestra as well as Solo, Chamber and Vocal music.
His works have been performed worldwide by the Arditti Quartet, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Klangforum Wien, Quatuor Tana, the ensembles l’Instant Donné, Mise-en, Soundinitiative, ECCE, and the soloists Claude Delangle, Claudio Pasceri, Yumi Suehiro.

He has been awarded prizes in several composition competitions, such as the Reinl-Prize (Vienna), the Vareler-Prize (Berlin), Prix André Jolivet (Paris).
He has been selected for international residencies and festivals such as Estovest (Turin), Mise-En Festival (New York), IMPULS (Graz), International Forum of New Music “Manuel Enriquez” (Mexico City).

He currently pursues a PhD in composition at the University of Leeds, UK (Title of the research: Souffle: Air and breath as a physical composition material).
His doctoral research explores the creation of “hybrid” forms of souffle (air and breath) through the interaction with other physical/acoustic phenomena and parameters such as vibration, space, gesture and resonance. His current projects include the composition of a cycle of chamber pieces involving the use of voice and amplification.

His research is funded by the prestigious “Stanley Burton Research Scholarship” and “Leeds Doctoral Scholarship”. His works are published at BabelScores.