We at Composers for Beauty see the big concert halls of the West primarily performing tonal and harmonious classical and sacred music by magnificent living composers while inspiring a revival of universal beauty in worship music, pop, metal, and hip-hop.

We hope for this true and lasting Renaissance of the Art of Music Writing, where scores of inspired composers will emulate between each other to attain again the greatest heights of excellence and inspiration, that will convert the larger audiences towards changing the world by yet unheard and unseen Beauty

Our mission is to transcend the dehumanizing parts of modernism and revive the beauty of music to make people better.

We hope and work to live a new era of service to Beauty and Faith that will infuse our fatigued and searching civilization with renewed Hope, ushering a dawn of better understood purpose, of wisdom and confidence, of grateful humility at the service of the greatest forms of Western and Universal Art which our forefathers led to wonderful magnificence and sublime elevation. 

We boldy but humbly break with the tabula rasa iconoclasts who have emptied our concert halls, sickened our world and nearly destroyed Creation, and extinguished our hope for a great and fertile future. We want to open and offer another way, leading to abundance, purpose and permanence of life.

Coming from various aesthetic schools, faith backgrounds rooted in awe and reverence for God or in confidence and hope in the Light of Humanity, we master a diverse set of skills that we will gladly and honestly share and offer to our mentees and cooperators - always trying to best serve the ideal and aim of highest Beauty that leads us into Hope and Goodness.

We are a school based and freely thriving within the rich universe and vast realm of classical Western tonality, polyphony and harmony.

We sense the purpose of a full colors and forms palette for an encompassing and truthful expression of the human condition and of all the emotions that live in our spirits and hearts.

We aspire that our musical inspiration and skill would bring the best out of our own creative humanity and of our audiences starving purpose and hope - elevating all together and working to repair our wounded Creation - with all its past and future wonders or promises.