Ulysses Arts exists to serve the classical music community, to bring musicians together, and to share an art form we love around the world as widely as possible.

We are a classical music consultancy based in the United Kingdom, with twelve years of experience, working with partners and clients throughout Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Starting as a specialist digital media consultancy in 2008, Ulysses Arts now advises music institutions including orchestras, soloists and ensembles, venues, recording companies, technology companies, as well as investors, banks, trusts, foundations and philanthropists.

We know classical music in depth - we provide extensive consultancy services including on artistic strategy, partnership facilitation, digital distribution and label services, PR and media communications, proposal writing, due diligence and evaluations.

Ulysses Arts' range of experience, especially of digital innovation, enables us to offer services to other creative industries, and we also work with clients in publishing and design.

Above all, we take pride in bringing together musicians from all over the world to create projects and partnerships that may never otherwise happen. Classical music is a global community open to everyone: we are determined to do all we can to help it thrive.