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creating contemporary music
Organized by: Ulysses Network

Following a few months to observe practices and receive feedbacks from the two different ULYSSES Network Platforms’ users, the ULYSSES Platform v3.0 is now online!

The website you are now navigating on is the result of the merge of some ULYSSES Community Platform data (profile data, works) and functions with the ULYSSES Platform initially used to organize online calls for applications.

Artists, organizations, can now access to the same functions in only one website and have the possibility to:

- Organize calls for applications, or apply online for calls - Share artistic content with one or more members

- Share any type of documents, send messages, be in touch with other members

- Enrich their profiles, with biographic details, works, concerts or other types information...

- Share information about events linked to the field of new music

- Spot new works and be informed about the lastest artistic propositions in the field of new music If you already had an account on the ULYSSES platform, nothing changes you can log in with the same username and password, and will find all the new functions during your first log in.

If you are a ULYSSES Community platform member, you as well will be able to access to the same services, you just have to activate your account by entering your email address and reseting your password. Waiting for your feedbacks, we wish you a good navigation!

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