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Location : Paris (France) - Centre Pompidou
Organized by: IRCAM
Price(s) : 10€, 14€, 18€

For their first Parisian concert and in celebration of their 10th anniversary, the Lemanic Modern Ensemble has called upon rare and long-awaited artists. Hanspeter Kyburz focuses on the relationship between the solo oboe player and a musical context: more the individual is integrated, greater is the gap between him and the others. Stefano Gervasoni plays with non-fluidity and resistance, a caprice written for and against the fingers of the performers. Beat Furrer acts as an observer: he watches the continual changes in perspective around the bass and its double, prerecorded. This evening continues the story of "L’Œil écoute", in particular with At First Light. A small trumpet tears into the horizon line and the vision of the painting by William Turner, Norham Castle, Sunrise, meditated by George Benjamin. The connection between a solid object and a moving surface, between that which is and that which will be, makes up the initial gesture of At First Light where we can imagine the great œuvre to come by the English composer.