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Location : Paris (France)
Organized by: ManiFeste academy IRCAM

The Swiss composer and conductor, Heinz Holliger, will teach an interpretation master class for the ULYSSES Ensemble with the assistance of the soloists from the Ensemble intercontemporain, who will work alongside the students and soprano Maria Sarah Sun. At the end of this master class, the ULYSSES Ensemble performs the ManiFeste-2017 Academy final concert on 1st July at Centquatre, Paris, before continuing its journey at Snape Maltings, the home of Aldeburgh Music (GB) and at the Royaumont Foundation (FR).


Musicians of the ULYSSES Ensemble participating to the workshop and concert in Paris: Zach Sheets, flutes Hanna Weisbach, oboe Rocío Bolaños, clarinets Gleb Kanasevich, clarinets Hae Won Oh Kim, bassoon, contrabassoon Daniel Brottman, horn Chloë Abbott, trumpet Antonio Jiménez-Marín, trombone Kaja Farszky, percussion Corentin Marillier, percussion Aleksandra Dzenisenia, cymbalum* Alice Belugou, harp Rahel Schweizer, harp Baptiste Ramond, guitar Perrine Galaup, mandolin* Daniele Fasani, keyboards Magdalena Cerezo Falces, keyboards Jacobo Hernandez Enriquez, violin Véronique Mathieu, violin Alfonso Noriega, viola Emilie Girard-Charest, cello Nazarii Stets, double bass *additional musician

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Location : Paris (France)