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midi keyboard, sampler, sequencer, synthesizer
With electronics
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Visual arts, Video, Other
Real-time interaction, Improvisation, Computer assisted composition, Sound spatialization, Other
10 minutes

Digilogue is an audiovisual piece for two artists who integrate their bodies in an immersive virtual scenes. All sounds and animations are created in the very moment based on the interrelations between music and visual art and their sensory conjunction.
Digilogue explores bio-virtual mechanisms for restructuring and generating from the inside out. The main goal of the artistic process is to combine different dissonances – visual, cognitive and music – and to find an overall basic concept between them. Digilogue is also a deep journey through the inner human space in the context of the postdigital age.
Music & sounds – Stefan Hristov a.k.a MR.SMiFF                  Visual environment – Anna Bacheva

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