Elegia de una Historia de Paz

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Composed by
Ricardo Tovar Mateus
electric guitar, percussion, piano, voice
With electronics
Music and...
Improvisation, Sound spatialization
Work premiered
November 2019
Venue of the premiere
12 minutes

Commissioned by the Norwegian neoN Ensemble, for piano, percussion, voice, guitar and 4-channel electronics. "Elegy of a Peace Story" had its premiere on Nov 4, 2019 in Oslo.
This piece refers to the peace process signed in 2016 by the Colombian government. Since 2016, (until July 2019) 203 social leaders have been assassinated. This work is a lament about losing the illusion, about the pain and injustice behind the stories of those Social leaders.
This version for video superimposes on testimonies of the social leaders, images of the protests of the "National Strike" on November 21, 2019.

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