Wayfare Concerto

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Composed by
Niels Hak
full orchestra
With electronics
Work premiered
April 2019
Venue of the premiere
Graz University of Technology, Graz (Austria)
25 minutes

Commisioned by the Utrechtsch Studenten Concert for large symphonic orchestra, conducted by Bas Pollard.

Over the course of 2019 the piece has been performed in Austria, Croatia and The Netherlands and appeared on programme alongside Szymanowski's First Violin Concerto and the Symphonic Dances by Rachmaninoff.

Wayfare Concerto translates mankind's urge to discover and venture beyond the unknown, our craving to reach into space. The piece travels through the curiosity (I. Wanderlust), the losses (II. Laika) and the act of discovery (III. The Journey).