Trio No. 1 "Balkan"

Composed by
Performed by
With electronics
Work premiered
November 2020
Venue of the premiere
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich (Switzerland)
3 minutes

Inspired greatly by rhythmic and melodic tradition found in the Southeast of Europe, the Balkans, whose roots in turn can be partially traced back to Arabic and Persian music, the Trio No. 1 advances in a multicultural progress by including elements of Western music. The trio of guitars entices the division of roles and interplay between each guitarist, creating space for a divergence between melodic, harmonic, and rhythmical functions.
The roles, however, don’t remain rigid throughout the entirety of this short piece, as the asserted multiplicity of rhythms and harmonies, flowing into or on top of each other, pressing forward sharply and swiftly, would diminish in expression by predictable orchestration.