Plucked. - for harpsichord and string orchestra (2019)

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Composed by
Maja Bosnić
cello, contrabass, harpsichord, strings, viola, violin
With electronics
Work premiered
November 2019
9 minutes

Plucked. is inspired by an art installation by Etienne Krähenbühl, called Bing Bang (2010-2018), where a mass of large metal wires moves in waves from its center to the edges and back. Harpsichord is the main trigger, so it brings new motifs and starts new changes in the material, which then spontaneously and with delay get adopted by the string orchestra until we get a large mass of instruments performing the same material. Since, harpsichord strings are plucked with feathers, that are most often made of plastic these days, string instruments must be plucked with plastic cards. The work is also referencing the famous 15th-century composition La Follia, by reusing its formal plans in some sections, as well as the rhythmical scheme of the popular main motif of the theme.