"The Polish Chair"

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Composed by
Anna Sowa
Performed by
cello, viola, violin
With electronics
Music and...
Work premiered
August 2022
Venue of the premiere
13 minutes

[sandali-je lahestani] – “Polish chair,” a term for a bent-wood seat in the Persian language. "Large pots of water boiled over the fire. The wood lay dormant in them for many hours in order to become so and exible. Then came the time for iron moulds and turning rollers that gave the wood its desired shape. This is the image Andranik recalls from his youth, from Polish chair manufactures. ... The same Poles first made them in Iran, and so it has been called the “Polish chair” ever since. ...Andranik does not know when these Poles came to Iran, but he remembers the image very well".
(from an article printed in the Persian-language newspaper Shahrvand, in the ISNA database)