Composition Mentoring Program Tinguely-Basel with David Moliner


Submission period

Tue Jul 26 at 04AM UTC

End of submission period

Wed Aug 31 at 10:59PM UTC

Results date

Wed Sep 14 at 04PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

275 € per session
The objective of this mentorship program is to interrelate the work of artist Jean Tinguely with the dynamic percussion world: Tinguely’s art, with his whimsical kinetic sculptures, which are happy, playful, creative, melancholy and full of humor and the eclectical Klangkörper-expression of the percussion universe. This workshop program has the aim to globally emphasize and diffuse Tinguely's work. Percussion may be the closest instrument to his rich spreading thinking, given the intrinsic sound that many of Tinguely's works have in their essence, emphasizing the desire of the Swiss artist in many of his works, some of them must be sound activated to be fully understood by the audience. Discovering Tingely’s art and being inspired by it will be a key element of this mentorship program.

4 advanced student composers will be selected. This 4 composers will be tutored by David Moliner in monthly individual-collective online meetings where they will be guided through different technical sections of percussion such as: Theoretical Approaches of Percussion, Percussion Techniques, Percussion History Writing, Percussion Historical Solo Works, Tinguely and percussion world influence as well as Composition Lessons. One collective meeting will take place at the Tinguely Museum so that the selected composers can analyze Tinguely's work and be inspired by it. This encounter would be necessary also for the conception of the work they are going to write for percussion and the use of the space in the museum in order to plan the concert set.

A single concert is planned at the museum during the end of June 2023 (exact date to be announced)


- Deadline for participation requests: 31 August
- Decision deadline: 14 September

Incomplete or late participation requests will not be considered.

Requests must contain:

1. Proposal Piece Idea for Percussion Solo in maximum 500 words. (The piece proposal must be around 12 minutes long). David Moliner would like to work with composers who work with small percussion instruments, such as tambourines, triangles, castanets, the human body and the voice. The concert will be around 60 minutes long.

2. Short bio

3. Portfolio of 2 scores + list of works (the scores do not have to be necessary for percussion)

8 Composers will be selected. 4 Composers will be on a waiting list until those selected confirm their participation. David Moliner will contact all of them for an interview via Zoom / Skype.


The duration of this Mentoring Program is 8 month long from October 2022 to May 2023. It will consist of a series of 8 Zoom/ Skype individual / collective meetings.
The concert date in Tinguely Museum will be announced in advance. Selected composers must write a piece for percussion of a maximum duration of 12 minutes.

Languages of the Course: English / German / Spanish / French

All materials must be sent to before 31 August

The contact address for any queries is

Details are available at web pages: