DME Artist Residency programme


Submission period

Thu Sep 14 at 04AM UTC

End of submission period

Tue Oct 31 at 10:59PM UTC

Results date

Sun Dec 31 at 05PM UTC
The DME Artist Residency programme aims to be a platform for artistic collaboration and new creations.

Taking place in Seia or in Lisbon, throughout the years 2024 and 2025, we provide accommodation, a work space and a fixed fee, whose details will be explained later in this document.
We are looking for musicians, solo or in ensemble, and composers willing to work collaboratively.

In 2024 and 2025, Project DME will gather in each artist residency a performer or ensemble and a composer who apply individually. They will be assigned a work space, in Lisbon or Seia.

This collaboration aims to create a new work based on a theme (musical or other) proposed by Project DME, as well as a concert including other works. A curatorship will be carried out by the artistic direction of Project DME, with special attention to innovative projects and emerging artists.

The final public presentation is mandatory, even if the work is in process of creation, being scheduled on the last day of the residency.

The DME Artist Residency offers accommodation, work space and a fee of €750 (musician/ensemble) + €750 (composer). The remaining costs are the artists' responsibility.

Details are available at web pages: