La Harpe solaire

International Harp Composition Competition


Submission period

Thu Sep 28, 2023 at 04AM UTC

End of submission period

Mon Apr 15 at 09:59PM UTC

Results date

Thu May 2 at 04PM UTC
With the aim of promoting contemporary musical creation and its dissemination, La harpe solaire is launching a call for solo harp pieces. Pieces should echo Scarlatti's harpsichord sonatas in general, or one sonata in particular.

1) The finalist works will be performed at the Festival Les Musicales d'Assy 2024 (Haute- Savoie, France) by Constance Luzzati and included in her new album to be released by the French label Paraty in 2025.
Composers whose works have been shortlisted will receive:
- Recording session;
- Commercial release of the album, with international distribution on all platforms;
- Public premiere at Les Musicales d'Assy 2024 festival;
- Possibly: participation in a conference on new music at Les Musicales d'Assy 2024.

2) La Harpe solaire Award will be awarded from among the finalists selected.
The prize includes:
- Production of a video teaser, EPK or clip on the piece.

3) Collegium 21 Award will be awarded from among the shortlisted finalists.
The prize, which may be divided, includes:
- Entry of the piece in the compulsory repertoire of the Collegium 21 2026 competition;
- Paid commission by Solar Harp of a pedagogical piece for the undergraduate or graduate level for the Collegium 21 2026 competition;
- Master-class in preparation for the Collegium 21 competition.

4) The Audience Choice Award will be awarded at Les Musicales d'Assy 2024, from among the finalists shortlisted.

Details are available at web pages: