PLAYGROUND: Call for Collaborations

Edition 2024


Submission period

Tue Nov 21, 2023 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Thu Feb 15 at 10:59PM UTC

Results date

Wed Mar 20 at 05PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Entry fee 100 PLN


For composers born no earlier than November 7, 1988


After two years of intensive exchange of experiences with talented composers, the PLAYGROUND project is proud to announce the start of the next edition!

PLAYGROUND is our curiosity, our journey into today's music. We created a contemporary music ensemble to explore the secrets of the future, feel the pulsating energy, reveal what is in the air and see new faces of art. Our experience to date clearly shows that behind each piece there is a strong relationship between the composer and the performer. We invite you to the world of PLAYGROUND, where people and cooperation are the greatest values. This is not an ordinary competition - it is a unique invitation to create something unique together! During PLAYGROUND 2022 and 2023, we built as many as nine international inspiring relationships, which blossomed every year in September on the stages of two prestigious Polish festivals: Sacrum Profanum and Warsaw Autumn, connecting the hearts of audiences from Krakow and Warsaw.

We are opening the international edition in 2024, so we cordially invite everyone who wants to share their creativity and cooperate with us!

The Project is open to young composers from all over the world, born no earlier than November 7, 1988.

The Project Council is:
Malin Bång (composer)
Helena Tulve (composer)
Jerzy Kornowicz (Director of the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music)
Krzysztof Pietraszewski (Artistic Director of the Sacrum Profanum contemporary music festival)
Rafał Ryterski (composer and supervisor of PLAYGROUND 2024 project)
Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble

The theme for the 2024 edition is ecology, the future of life on Earth, and adaptation to changing conditions, and the composition "Birdsongs" by Rafał Ryterski. This piece will be performed during the concluding concerts of the project also.

"Change. Adaptation. Flow. These are the keywords used in the composition Birdsongs. Bird migrations are treated here as a metaphor, a mirror that humans observe, both as individuals and as a species. Like birds, we are constantly changing, driven by the need to maintain balance. In Birdsongs, the stage aspect of the work is crucial—the performers create a soundtrack to a video, which is a fabricated nature documentary. The dramaturgy of the piece is primarily based on the continuous flow of attention between the video, musicians, electronic sounds, and the voices of narrators, intertwined into an inseparable whole. The content of this work results from the collisions of its individual elements, through juxtaposing contexts. Birdsongs is not just a musical composition—it is a multimedia work, however lofty that may sound." Rafał Ryterski

Details are available at web pages: