Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete is an artist with various working methods that have their origin in sound, based on musical interpretation as a creative criticism, moving towards intervention and creation, both in music and in the plastic arts.

As an interpreter, Bertrand has premiered more than 70 works [:: guitar | guitar and electronics | electric guitar ::] playing in the most important halls and festivals in Europe and America [:: Festival d’Automne à Paris | Festival Internacional de Guitarra de México | Quincena Musical Donostiarra | Gaida Festival | Time of Music ::] as a soloist and in chamber music [:: Ensemble Linea | Ensemble Itinéraire | Ensemble Intercontemporain ::] and in recordings [:: Radio France | Radio Nacional de España | Finnish Radio | Sismal Records | 3D classics | LH Production | Moving Furniture Records | Odradek Records ::]

Between 2006 and 2016 he co-founded and directed the SMASH Association in Spain (SMASH ensemble and SMASH International Festival of Contemporary Music) focussed on the creation and promotion of contemporary music.

As of 2015, his work has extended to include the plastic arts, developing a new type of interpretation + musical intervention resulting in an extension + visual and plastic creation of music [:: pulsações dilatadas - A new way of conceiving music interpretation | Universidade do Porto, 2017 ::] Exhibiting [:: Galeria do Sol | Portuguese Center of Photography | GNRation | Forum de Maia ::] Residences [:: Encontrarte Amares | Lisboa Incomum | Projet Bloom | Fábrica da Criatividade ::] His visual work ranges from experimental photography to documentaries [:: 75 Centavos | Diario portuense ::]

In the field of composition his works use a wide panorama of devices. String quartet, douleur exquise [:: Second prize | 7th International Competition of Composition Quatuor Molinari 2019 ::] theatre, La nef des fous [:: Tableau Vivant for 12 actors, ensemble, electronics, video and scenography ::] experimental music, de(cor)o [:: Performance for people with special needs, percussion, string instruments, music boxes, pads and electronics ::]

In 2021, he will be a composer-in-residence at the Civitella-Ranieri Foundation.

Like music, pedagogy has its origin in his family tradition, including the giving of lectures and masterclasses [:: Universidad Autónoma of Nuevo León | Musikene | Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon | University of Valencia | University of Salamanca ::] and creating various pedagogical activities combining contemporary music and plastic arts.

He currently lives and works in Paris, France and is an Artistic Research Fellow PhD (2020-2024) at Lund University in Sweden.