Valentin Schaff (b. Halle/ S., Germany, 1991) composes music influenced by a variety of sources, ranging from techno to the sound of wind in the trees. Strong rhythmic layers and the direct experience of beauty in sound, noise and harmony are both equally necessary for the expression of time in music, while counterpoint is the way of interweaving them. Sonic Meditations are just as important in Valentin's musical background and understanding as the unforgiving and relentless qualities of electronic dance music. His works have been performed all over Europe, by acclaimed ensembles and performers such as the Arditti Quartet, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, the Mivos Quartet, Klangforum Wien, Jan Gerdes, Anette Behr-König, Nationaltheater Mannheim, Junge Oper Mannheim and Sinfonieorchester TonArt Heidelberg and on various festivals like Bilkent Composition Academy (Turkey), Archipel (Switzerland), Valencia International Performance Academy Festival (Spain), OutHear New Music (Greece), Spieltriebe Festival Osnabrück, Randfestspiele Berlin, neuköllner Originaltöne Berlin, Kirchheimer Liedersommer, Heidelberger Frühling and others.