Nirit Rechavi is a dancer, choreographer, movement researcher and performer, and a multidisciplinary artist. Nirit is also a dance and movement teacher. Nirit graduated from the Honors Program in Dance and Education at the Seminar Hakibutzim College, Israel. She also graduated in New-Media studies, and M.A. in The Multidisciplinary Program of the Arts at the Tel-Aviv University. Nirit's various backgrounds contribute to her multi-disciplinary art. She's collaborating with various artists and art methods, creating site-specific performances and events,
in Israel and abroad and creating movement-labs and movement exploration and improvisation workshops in Israel and abroad (South Africa, Germany, England, Greece, Japan, Taiwan, Italy). 
She has created and performed video-art for the V-Dance International Festival in the Tel-Aviv Cinemateque, and in a production of Stravinsky's Soldier's Tale that performed in various places (example: She has choreographed and danced in various theatres, including a piece selected for the Gvanim beMahol
(Shades of Dance) Festival and other projects at the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theatre, and at the Tmuna Theatre, Israel. For example:
Nirit also participated as a choreographer and as a performer in several video productions: video-dance produced and performed by Nirit:
video-clip made for a contest of Moby:
Nirit choreographed opera productions and theatre productions.
Since March 2013 Nirit is an actress and choreographer in children theatre play she was developing with the director, which performs in many places in Israel, trailer:
In the production “Metamorphoses- homage to Leon Schidlowsky” Nirit took part in producing a video-dance for a new music piece by Alona Epshtein, and as a dancer in a few music productions with live singers on stage. The video dance:
In the recent years Nirit is performing in various theatres, galleries and site-specific projects, created in collaboration with artists and musicians, in Israel and abroad.
- Choreographer and dancer for the project "dancer-composer" in the "Teiva" theatre
in Tel-Aviv. Photos:
- Responsive-art, an interpretive performance for Ronit Baranga's exhibition in the Red House, Tel-Aviv:
- "Paperology" in dance and performance weekend festival in Byniamin Gallery in Tel- Aviv:
- Performance at "Cuckoo's nest" gallery in Jaffa:
- Nirit was invited to choreograph and dance for several performances in various theatres in Israel of "The little Match Girl Passion" by David Lang, for a chorus of Carmina Ensemble.
Nirit has experience with a varied repertoire of dance techniques and has participated in various workshops in Israel and abroad, given by Iztok Kovac, Naomi Perlov, Linda Goudreau, Juan Kruz Diaz, Davide Sportelli and many more. She has participated
twice in the UCLA "Bridge Choreographic Dialogues" at the Suzanne Dellal Centre, an example:
Nirit teaches dance, improvisation and choreography for all ages. She's invited to different festivals and studios in Israel and abroad to teach various improvisation and movement research workshops and labs, indoors and outdoors (site-specific labs).
Projects abroad:
In the summer of 2011 Nirit participated in the international dance residency "Crossings" in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she performed as a dancer in several productions, and also was invited to teach at the M.I.D. dance company. One of the productions:
In the summer of 2012 Nirit was invited to create a movement-lab through improvisation and workshops series in the residency program of “Temporary Home”, as part of the Documenta Festival in Kassel, Germany. During her stay in Kassel, she was also invited to give additional workshops in the Paul Ryan pavilion, which were
adapted to his art and methods vision. The movement labs developed also to outdoor and site specific research.
In the summer of 2013 Nirit was invited to collaborate with the local artist- Yvonne Carmichael In Bradford, England, where she was investigating through improvisation sessions and workshops, the body interaction in site specific locations and a set of
“moving around town” tours, which were exploring specific movement aspects through different locations and situations. A video from an open session around the city and in a shopping window:
In 2014, Nirit participated in “Koumaria” residency in Greece, a multi-disciplinary residency, where she collaborated with video and sound artists, among others, and performed in a site specific performance in a village and in nature, and also in the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens. Nirit created a performance combined with an old oil barrel, with light sensors which produced the sound, designing also the light on
In 2016, Nirit participated in the Paradise Air Residency in Matsudo, Japan. At the
end of the project, Nirit performed with local musicians, a performance based on Improvisation combined with strings installation she created. 
In 2016, Nirit was invited to give improvisation workshops of improvisation and movement research in Architanz studio in Tokyo, and also at the dance department at the University of Taipei, Taiwan. Photos from the workshops:
In 2017, Nirit participated in Apulia Land Art Festival, in Puglia, Italy, where she created a site-specific interactive performance, using salt and creating an installation with salt and local materials. Examples from the process and performance: