Francesco Vitucci, born in 1991, is a composer from Grumo Appula (Bari - Italy).

In 2016, he obtained the Bachelor in Composition, under the supervision of Biagio Putignano, at the "Niccolò Piccinni" Conservatory in Bari. With the same professor and in the same institution, he finished his studies, following the Master in "Musical disciplines with technological address - Composition", and obtaining the diploma in 2018 with all the marks and mention of the jury.

In May 2020, he obtained the Master of Advanced Studies in Music Composition, at the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland, in Lugano, under the supervision of Nadir Vassena. He is currently enrolled in the Advanced Specialization Course at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, under the guidance of Ivan Fedele.

Among the composers with whom he specialized in masterclass courses, in Italy and abroad, stand out the names of Ivan Fedele, Reinhard Febel, Daniela Terranova, Maurizio Azzan, Zeno Baldi.

He has won important prizes in composition competitions in Italy and abroad (first prize at "2 Agosto" Competition 2021 | Bologna, second prize at "Poesia e Musica tra Italia e Giappone" | Osaka ), and has received several commissions for acoustic and mixed music (Orchestra Magna Grecia, Musinfo, Sol-O Canto Choir, Trio Lumen, Caelium).

Ordinary member of S.I.M.C. Italy (Italian Society of Contemporary Music), his works are performed in concerts and festivals of contemporary music, in Italy and abroad (France, Switzerland, Croatia, America, Japan).