Guilherme Ribeiro, 1994, is a young Brazilian composer and composition student at the University of São Paulo. His compositions have been presented in places such as: Sala Cecília Meireles, Theatro São Pedro, MAC Ibirapuera, CCSP, Salão Leopoldo Miguez, Auditório da Biblioteca Brasiliana, USP, Unesp, EMESP. In 2015, his work "Entrepolos I" earned honorable mention in USP's "23o Programa Nascente"; In November, with his sextet "Lux Spectrum", he won the "III Festival Música Estranha" and a piece of his was selected to join the site ''. Since 2016, Guilherme has been a FAPESP fellow and, under the guidance of Silvio Ferraz, develops his research entitled "EXTENDED TECHNIQUE AS THE PRIMARY MATERIAL OF MUSIC COMPOSITION". Also in 2016, she was a finalist in the "24o Programa Nascente" of USP and also winner of the "XXVIII Panorama da Música Brasileira Atual" of UFRJ. In 2017 he was a FUNARTE-awarded composer and participated in the XXII Bienal de Música Brasileira Contemporânea, as well as winning composer of the 25o Programa Nascente da USP. Still in 2017, there was an article published in Vórtex magazine, vol. 5: “Guero: instrumental concrete music and directionality in Helmut Lachenmann's piano study piece” and held a research exchange at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal), where she was able to present at the III International Symposium CESEM and was mentored by the composer and teacher Isabel Pires and had contact with the composer Jaime Reis. Since 2018, Ribeiro has been publishing videos of 'dialogues about today's musical creations' recorded with notable music professionals from various fields: composition, performance (instrumental and vocal interpretation, improvisation, etc.), conducting, musical direction, musicology, teaching. , technicians, among other areas of music. It is the program DENTREIDEIAS ( which has international projection and performance, with participants from some countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Spain, USA, Argentina, Chile, Australia and Colombia.