Daniil Posazhennikov is Russian composer, curator, performer and improviser. He created more than 40 musical projects, concerts and performances all around the Russia. Daniil manifests the role of the composer as a universal figure who can be responsible for all parts of the performance.
  He created project «Geometry of sound» where he works as an author of ideas, curator, artistic director and composer-director. He works at different projects and topics like self-identification of artist, role of music in humans perception, ecological balance between nature and humans existence, visualization of place like universal system of cognitions etc.
  Daniil was born 1th of October 1994 in Novokuznetsk, Siberia. He graduated from Novosibirsk musical college as a violinist, and then continued his education in Moscow. Since 2017 he is studying composition with a professor Efrem Podgaits.
  His main work-direction of last time is universalization of art and the search of common ways in the development of modern music by strengthening international relations.
  Daniil is winner of the theater award “Golden mask” in 2021 (best performance in modern dance; composer — Daniil Posazhennikov, director — Ksenia Mikheeva). His main recently work is the site-specific opera “Residents of their native city” which was staged at the Voronezh railway station and where Daniil worked as a composer-director, curator and author of idea.