I move my first steps as a trumpeter, getting a classical trumpet degree in 2015 in the G. Verdi Conservatory of Milan, but at the same time I began to study composition and continued as a composer, getting my Bachelor Degree in 2021, always in Milan. A brief period of studying lyric singing (3 years) gave me a clear perception of the problematic issue of writing for voice today, while the interest in the Jazz music as trumpeter gave me a knowledge of extended harmony.

Actually, I'm attending the composition Master at G. Verdi Conservatory, but at the same time I’m taking part to a lot of professional experience, as IEMA 2021, Divertimento Ensemble workshop on prepared piano 2022, Novalis Concept 2022 (forthcoming), re.Musik.org 2022(forthcoming), Mixtur Festival 2022(forthcoming), Salvatore Sciarrino Composition Masterclass with mdi ensemble (12/2021), Barcelona Modern Ensemble 2021,album release commissioned by with Daniel Kientzy(2022),  Workshop with Francesco Dillon(2021) and with Michele Marco Rossi(2022), Egidio Carella composition Prize 2021, Giuseppe Cantone prize and a lot of masterclasses, held by Francesco Filidei, Oscar Bianchi, Usuk Chin, Marco Stroppa, Klaus Lang, Alberto Posadas, George Benjamin, David Nunez.

Recently I’m leading research on the concept of action polyphony and texture sound: on the simultaneity of instrumental actions in a single instrument, which originates the texture-sound, in which a complex sound reveals itself as a multiplicity of states in relation to each other. Understood in this way sound becomes an unstable.I’m deeply interested to build an efficient syntax with a strong irrational and improvvisative component.

My music has been performed in Usa, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Russia by Daniel Kientzy, Francesco Dillon, IEMA Ensemble, Divertimento Ensemble, Barcelona Modern Ensemble, reMusik.org ensemble, Glass Clouds Ensemble, Juilliard students and many others. Next projects include a new work for solo amplified trumpet for Samuele Telandro, a wind trio for IEMA musicians, a sextet for Novalis Concept 2022, a saxophone duo for Edizioni Sconfinarte and a solo double bass piece.