Vladan Kuzmanovic (Serbia, 1977) is a composer of classical, neoclassical, electroacoustic and avant-garde music. As a serendipitous composer and playwright, in his work he develops conceptual music and a conceptual approach to classical and new micro forms, interpreting the concept as an authentic musical phenomenon - as an act, performance and theme, starting from basic musical units to complex musical forms - etudes, bravura, fugues, cacophonies. and hyperphonic works. The composer stands in relation to sound from a theoretical and practical point of view, where the concept is a creative, thoughtful attitude towards the structure, the motive itself, the goal, and the effect of the composition. He successfully composes either meta-baroques, hyperphonic compositions or constructions and minimal forms for twelve-string guitar, ocarina, harp, prepared piano. A special part of his oeuvre consists of subsonic and ultrasonic compositions, with achievements in subgenres such as hypertonic, sublimative works and low octave music.

The difference between tone and composition, sound and frequency, frequency and pitch, silence and sound, provides basic programmatic questions of music and other formations of macrotonality, such as duration and use. The composer deals with transgenre and transmodal music using the concept of marginal composition. The appearance of a negative sound or the presence of sound in silence leads to the appearance of the concept of sound and conceptual composition.

Notable acoustic and neoclassical works: Polyphony (2019), Bravoure for Twelve-string Guitar (2019), Conceptual Etude for Broken Piano No. 2 (2019), Pagan Concerts no. 2 and no. 4 (2019-20), Avant-Garde (2021), Six Major Canons (2022).