Based in Montréal, Canada, Olivier St-Pierre is a composer, pianist and organist specializing in contemporary music. Active as a concert pianist since childhood, Olivier first set off to study philosophy, before returning to music and completing Master's degrees in both composition and analysis at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. Since 2019, he has been main organist at the Sanctuaire du Saint-Sacrement, in Montréal, where he regularly gives concerts devoted to contemporary organ repertoire. Olivier's approach has been described as "bold" and "fearless", exploring complex and subtle possibilities of microtonal and polyrythmic writing with a decidedly experimental outlook. His music revolves around the experience of sense and its relationship to the act of listening, aiming to create open and ambiguous sonic and formal relationships which draw the listener in and compel him or her to participate in the elaboration of the music's meaning.