Call for Works

MA/IN festival 2024


Submission period

Wed Feb 7 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Sun Apr 14 at 09:59PM UTC

Results date

Wed May 15 at 04PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Entry fee 15 - 20 €
EARLYBIRD Deadline: March 3rd, 2024 ENTRY FEE 15 €
REGULAR: Deadline April 14th, 2024 ENTRY FEE 25 € (free for Ukraine artists)

The MA/IN will take place in south Italy:
The lakes of Monticchio | August 2024
Matera | September 2024
Castrignano de' Greci + Lecce | October 2024
Potenza | October 2024

All authors and performers of any age and nationality can submit works in one of these categories:
[A] Acousmatic ~ fixed media music. Multi-channel compositions are accepted.
[B] Mixed Media ~ for instruments and electronics/ multimedia (fixed or live).
This year the [B] category is focused on musicians in residence: Syntax (enemble) and Eleonora Claps (voice).
[C] AudioVisual ~ works with pre-prepared video and music.
[D] LivePerformance/SoundArt ~ works that include electronics and other elements [for instance, a piece with a new interface, laptop, performer and interactive live video, real-time coding, laptop improvisation etc]. Sound/Media Installation are allowed

The selection panel consists of professional and renowned composers/artists; it will assign:
* AWARDS of DISTINCTIONS | one per category | The jury reserves the right not to award all or any of prizes, as well as to award ex-aequo prizes if it sees fit. The jury can also assign some Honorary Mentions.

• #3 Max/MSP 8 | full licenses (or upgrade) granted by Cycling’74 (usually for [a] [b] and [d] category winners)
• #1 Touch Designer | granted by Derivative (Category [C] winner)
• #1 GRM tools Complete II | granted by INA GRM (usually assigned to honorary mentions)
• #2 Live 12 | granted by Ableton (usually assigned to honorary mentions

Details are available at web pages: